What I Learned From a Failed Attempt at Surviving a Week Without Protein Bars


I can easily get busy and end up eating as many as three protein bars per day. My problem is not over consumption in general, but over-reliance on bars at the expense of nutrient dense food.

Don’t get me wrong, I love protein bars.

Out of curiosity, though, I wanted to see how I would cope going a week without bars given that we are all stuck at home during the COVID-19 quarantine.

Now that I eat, work, workout and sleep in the same small area, you would think I could easily manage my macros on the fly without the aid of the temporarily banned bar.

I made it one day before caving in to the convenience of the bar. Alas, the failure to plan indeed was planning to fail. The next week, I created a list of snack-sized meals that could fit my nutritional requirements and can be made from a smallish group of ingredients.

I loaded them all as meals in MyFitnessPal so tracking would be simple throughout the week.

The failed attempt also spurred the idea for the meal hack series—a list of snack-sized meals you can make from one base ingredient. It’s for people like me who don’t spend all day Sunday meal prepping, but want to hit their macros or eat simply all week long.

If you don’t cook all of your meals in advance, but eat a few snacks a day, you should be able to survive a week with one of these snack plans without relying on protein bars. Each snack list has a grocery shopping list at the end.

Evy Lyons

I treat life like a professional sport and train like an athlete so I can stay in the game as long as possible and hopefully inspire more women to join the fun.