A Short Presentation on Resistance Training

Here’s the deck I presented at a company talk about health and fitness this week. Also personal records galore!

Apr 1, 2022
A couple of my colleagues have been arranging health challenges for our company. Every month someone on the team shares their knowledge and passion for some element of health–meditation, endurance training, nutrition, etc. 
This week I was asked to do a talk about… you guessed it… resistance training!
You know you are crazy about something if you can easily stand up and speak about it for 30 minutes without no stress. I probably could have gone on for 60 minutes had they let me! 
My goal was to explain the concepts that made no sense to me for so long. I figure one of the main reasons for not resistance training is simply not understanding how it works.
So in lieu of a long-winded story this week, I want to share the deck I created for the team.
It regroups a lot of what I’ve written about in the past in a hopefully more digestible format. You can view it online.
If the presentation inspired you, I highly recommend checking out these admirable fitness voices on social media. These are people I learn from and respect for their scientific approaches, honesty, body positivity, and effective programming. 
*These people sell programming / have apps that I would use.
On a personal level, I set some new personal records (PR) this week!  
I like to test my max lifts every 3 months or so. This week I squatted 205 pounds (+5 over my last max) and I deadlifted 275 (+15).
My last three months of programming have been focused on these two lifts and it’s thrilling to see such results! I will also test some upper body lifts but that will happen after I send this newsletter. 
In even more exciting news, I know THREE other women who set deadlift PRs this week! Honestly, I could cry with joy. Congratulations Andrea, Denise and T! It’s super fun watching and hearing about your adventures in strength. 
Next week, we’re headed in a more subtle direction to talk about strengthening a skill I have long struggled with…
Until then, share your thoughts and questions!