January Challenge Recap & February Challenges

More than 15,000 push ups have been completed by The Pleasant Box team! In February, let’s tackle our abs and minds.

Jan 28, 2022
We’re almost a month into the year.
I personally feel like it’s going fast.
Twenty-eight days ago, we launched the Challenges app
This little project was born because I enjoy month-long challenges, it’s more fun to do hard things with friends, and I’ve been eager to improve my pushup strength. 
So far this month, the team (aka anyone who used the app), has completed 15,047 pushups. 
I’m blown away. 🎉💪🎉
Especially because the app is admittedly bare bones and we don’t have notifications to remind you to get your challenge done everyday. Bravo everyone! 
In total, 42 people reached at least one goal. Ten people reached 10 goals. And eight power push-upers reached at least 15 goals.  
I had a goal to do 100 pushups everyday this month. 
I’ve hit that goal 26 of 27 days so far. The day I missed was my first day with our new pup, Ranger, and I fell asleep with only 60 of 100 pushups done. 
While it’s frustrating to break a streak, the only thing I could do was get back at it the next day. Which is what I did. 
So how do I feel after 2,660 pushups? 
Pretty amazing!
I’ve struggled with shoulder pain for years and while it was already a lot better headed into January, I’ve noticed a significant improvement this month. It’s basically gone. 
I’m not entirely sure what about the consistent pushup practice made such an impact on my shoulder. It could be that they strengthened my serratus anterior (muscle along the side of your trunk) or something else… 
Whatever the case, this was one of the coolest benefits. 
My pushup endurance has also dramatically increased. At the beginning of the month, sets of 10 were the best I could do sustainably. Today, I can do 25 in a row with great form and sets of 20 are no big deal. 
My bench press and shoulder press are also feeling great and my numbers are going up. 
Lastly, it’s pretty cool to have done something like this everyday for a month. It felt daunting at first. But now it’s just a part of the daily flow. 
So what is next!?

February Challenges

In February, we will have three challenges running. You can opt into none, one, two or three.
  • Situps**:** Set your own goal for the number of sit ups you want to do in a day. I’m planning to do 200. Any variations counts. Mix and match as you see fit. 
  • Squats: Set your own goal for the number of squats you want to do in a day. I’m not planning to participate in this one, but I know some folks are excited!
  • Meditation: Set your own goal for the number of meditation minutes you want to complete in a day. This one came from popular demand at work and I’m down to give it a try. My goal is to meditate for at least 10 minutes a day! 
In January, 232 individual daily goals were reached. My hope is that in February we double that to 464 goals. 
The app is free at challenges.thepleasantbox.com, but it’s not in the Apple or Google app stores… yet. 
You can save a shortcut to it on your phone’s home screen. 
  • iPhone: Open Safari > go to challenges.thepleasantbox.com > click the share icon (box with arrow pointing up) > tap Add to Home Screen
  • Android: Open Chrome > go to challenges.thepleasantbox.com > tap the three dots at the top right > tap Add to Home screen 
The new challenges will be in the app over the weekend and ready for February 1 .

Pep Talk Time

If you have goals for yourself this year, I hope you are crushing them.  If by chance your good intentions have fallen by the wayside, do not despair. 
There is nothing magical about January 1. 
Getting back in the grove can feel daunting, but remember, you are only 5 minutes away from changing the script.
Want to eat healthier? Win the next meal. Want to workout more? Do 5 minutes of movement. Want to write more? Spill your train of thought for 5 minutes. 
There is nothing better than the motivational high that follows action.
🎯 If you have a monthly challenge you want to see in the app, please let me know. 
🤔 If you’re struggling to kick start a new habit, I’d be happy to share ideas.